Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pumping Up the Mattress

Have you ever tried to pump up a deflated, limp mattress? Having done a lot of camping with my family, I have had to do this many times. It takes a strong effort and the will to persevere even when some air escapes as you are pumping it into the mattress. Putting air into the mattress gives strength and firmness to it so that you can sleep comfortably on it.

The idea of putting STRENGTH INTO the mattress is like one important part of biblical ENCOURAGEMENT. One crucial meaning of encouragement is to “STRENGTHEN YOUR HEART.” Many of us experience times of weakness OR lack of courage to face someone or something. It is then that God uses His word and usually someone else to put strength into your heart – to inflate you or empower you with the courage to live, succeed, and to instill strength into another person for the good of the church and for the glory of God.

In 1 Samuel 23:16, the Bible says that “…Jonathan traveled to Horesh to help David find STRENGTH in God.” David felt very low as King Saul, who sought to kill him, continuously pursued him. David felt weary, weak, and losing some of his will to live. But Jonathan risked his own life, paying the price to encourage or put strength into David’s heart at a most crucial time. It was God who worked in a powerful way through Jonathan and it God who want to work in the same way IN and THROUGH you to encourage another – TO PUT “AIR” INTO THE HEART OF A PERSON.

Be a “Jonathan” to someone near you today!

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Kim said...


I found your blog through a friend.
How are you doing?
Kim Bedford
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