Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Space Mountain Shakedown

Space mountain! I love hiking in the mountains! While joining the extra long line-up at Space Mountain ride in Disneyland, I thought that this ride would be fun a “piece of cake”. We had flown to San Diego and then traveled up to Orange County in 2005 so that I could speak on marriage at the wedding of Sandra’s sister, Jana. During this trip, we had a day to spend at Disneyland.

So, I joined our son, David and his wife Krysten on this popular ride, Space Mountain. Until now it had been a lot of fun. But, I was in for a jolt! Not long into the ride, I knew that I was in trouble. I prefer rides out in the open where I can see everything but this ride was in almost total darkness. Scattered dim lights simulated the stars in space. But, this ride had me shaking up and down, twisting and turning, stomach churning movements —that seemed like it was going on forever. The longer we shook down, the more my stomach contents rose up until….suddenly, there appeared a flash of light and then one final plunge down to the end of the ride and brilliant sunshine!

A camera snapped a photo of me – bulging eyes wide open – mouth wide open - and a frazzled expression that made it look as if I had just plunged from the heights without a parachute! My “loving” family laughed at me!

The experience reminds me of a group of people - male and female - who endured a shaky “ride” through a tunnel of darkness far greater than Space Mountain. The Bible describes it in Luke 23:44-45:

By this time it was noon and darkness fell across the whole land until

three o’clock. The light from the sun was gone. And, suddenly the thick

veil hanging in the temple was torn apart.

Imagine the turmoil they felt as the darkness engulfed the whole land where they stood watching Jesus die on the cross. But then came that glorious flash of light! The light of victory and triumph! The announcement of the angel beside the EMPTY tomb. “He isn’t here. He has risen from the dead!” (Luke 24:6 NLT)

Later, on the way to the village of Emmaus, two of them emerged completely from the darkness of despair into the light of life and freedom “…suddenly, their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him” (Luke 14:31a, NLT). Take time to SEE Jesus in all His glory and live today in the light of His triumph over sin and death. Hallelujah, He is risen!

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